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Stonyhurst (2006)

Stonyhurst (2006)

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by T E Muir


This is an updated reprint of Muir’s original book Stonyhurst College, 1593-1993, published in 1993 to mark the college’s quatercentenary. The book has been reset and redesigned with a larger page size, the illustrations throughout printed in colour, but the original jacket price of 1993 remaining the same.

In 2006, Muir revised the text, and added a new section covering the history of music at the college. An extra chapter has been written to describe the many changes since 1993: the full commitment to co-education and subsequent re-design of the old dormitories, the arrival of the digital age, and the opening up of the college collections and libraries with the appointment of a Curator.

208 pages, 280 x 216mm
Illustrated in colour throughout
ISBN 0-9553592-0-1

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